Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Facebook User – March 2015

  We are truly blessed to have Dr. M Burks as our Physician! Professional, Knowledgable, Passionate and Reliable is just the tip of what Dr. Burks, Georgia and his staff bring to this practice. Dr. Burks personally cares about his patients!!! Very proud to call Dr. Burks our physician of choice and friend! Central Missouri Physicians For Women is nothing less then first class.

Facebook User – February 2015

  Dr. Burks and his staff are just wonderful. My daughter and I both see Dr. Burks and he delivered my first grandbaby.

Facebook User – December 2014

  I have never noticed this page. I would like to give the best thanks to the best obgyn that any women could have! You delivered not just my first born but my second to! Words couldn’t explain how much I’m thankful to have you as my obgyn Dr. Burks Thank You And Your Staff For Everything

Facebook User – June 2014

  Hands down the VERY BEST doctor I’ve ever had. He saw us through a high risk pregnancy so calmly and gently and with care that is indescribable. His consistent and gentle demeanor offers peace and reassurance and I always know no challenge is too big for his concern. He came very highly recommended and I absolutely know why. We love him to pieces. 😉

Facebook User – May 2014

  Dr. Burks is kind, caring and funny. He put me at ease (as much ease as possible while having a child) during all 4 of my pregnancies & deliveries. Great Dr.! He delivered 6 of my nieces & nephews and I have referred several of my close friends to him as well. His staff is also great!

Facebook User – May 2014

  LOVE Dr. Burks! He has delivered 10 of the 12 babies in our family 😉

Facebook User – May 2014

Dr. Burks is a wonderful doctor who genuinely cares for his patients. He delivered both of my daughters and I would recommend him to anyone!

Facebook User – April 2014

Dr. Burks is the most caring and kind-hearted doctor I have ever been to! He takes the time to ask you if you have any questions and explains things thoroughly and does not rush you. He GENUINELY cares and is a Blessing from God. I recommend this doctor to EVERYONE!!! BEST DOCTOR EVER!!!

A Google User – 2 years ago

What a wonderful place for women to go to.  The staff is comprised of helpful cheery people who actually listen to their patients!  Dr. Burks is easy to talk to and I’ve always felt I’m in good hands while there.  I’m so relieved that there is this wonderful place where I’m treated like a human being with respect! – Sep 16th, 2012

I wanted a doctor who was supportive of a VBAC. Dr. Burks whole heartedly supported my decision to have a VBAC, even after having two cesareans. He has delivered so many babies, he was completely at ease and confident when I delivered my baby naturally after two cesareans. He is not a part of a large group of doctors. If he is your doctor he will be delivering your baby. He also has a great bedside manner. I was extremely happy with him. – Best doctor EVER –  Jan 25th, 2011

This doc is fabulous!! We had difficulty conceiving and were told this was the doctor to see! He genuinely cares about you and wants to see you fulfill your dream of getting pregnant, even if he has to refer you to another doctor to have it done! He called me the night before a major surgery I was having and he wasn’t even the doctor that was performing it! Yes you will wait a while in the waiting room for him. . . that’s because he just delivered someone’s baby and is running late or he’s taking that extra time to make sure ALL of someones questions are answered to their FULL understanding. . . if it was you with the questions wouldn’t you want that? My suggestion is bring a book ;o) – Pleasantly surprised – Oct 7th, 2010

I am currently pregnant with my third child. I have seen 4 different OB’s besides Dr. Burks and heard about dozens more. He surpasses all of them in bedside manner, showing concern, and taking time to answer any and all questions. He’s also not narrow minded and simply profit motivated. I cannot say enough about how wonderful my prenatal visit was. I knew there must be an OB out there that liked their job and would treat me like a human being, but I didn’t know where to find one. I have found one and I’m eternally grateful to him for the different path my prenatal visits are sure to take. My mind is at ease now that I’ve found an awesome provider. – 04/07/09

This is the best doctor in the WORLD!! He birthed both my sons, and he took caution with my care to make sure that myself and my babies were as healthy as possible. He took time out on Christmas Day to see if I needed anything. You can’t get that anywhere else. This man gets down in his waiting room floor to play with my children. He is the best!! If he retires, I know I won’t have anymore children, because if he isn’t the one to deliver them, then I don’t want anymore!! Even if he wasn’t my doctor, he is someone I would want to know anyway, just because he is that nice of a guy and a genuinely caring person! – 10/15/13

He is the best doctor ever! I will not go to anyone else! He delivered both of my children by cesarean and he was wonderful! 

Michael Burks, M.D.,FACOG – Obstetrician / Gynecologist, Columbia, MO